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Swim styles

In competitive swimming, four major styles have been established. These have been relatively stable over the last 30–40 years with minor improvements. The four main strokes in swimming are:
  • Freestyle (free)
  • Breaststroke (breast)
  • Backstroke (back)
  • Butterfly (fly)

Events in competition could have only one of these styles or they could contain all four. The individual medley is an event that where swimmers start the race with butterfly, then move to backstroke, breaststroke, and then freestyle. There are two possible distances of this event, both swum in each of the two competition pools. In the short course pool, there are 200-yard and 400-yard individual medleys and in the long course pool, there are 200-metre and 400-metre individual medleys. For younger swimmers involved in club swimming, there is also a 100-yard individual medley option in the short course pool, but this event is not often competed by swimmers over the age of 14.
Flap (Also known as "Doggy Paddle") Isn't an accepted style of swimming, according to FINA Swimming Rules, but it is still considered a popular technique used for non-competitive swimmers. It helps keep the human head above water so the individual does not drown, yet at the same time propels the individual in any direction in a "flapping" or "doggy paddle" motion, thus the term Flap-Style Swimming.

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